10 Top Timesaving Winter Yard Tips | Country Frog

We have put together 10 Top Timesaving Winter Yard Tips to help make life easier when you are short of time during the winter months.

  • Have a tin of de-icer handy to aid the quick opening of frozen bolts and padlocks.  Cover padlocks with bubble wrap to help stop them freezing.
  • Put thin rugs on the top of thick ones – thin rugs are quicker to dry and are cheaper to clean and mend.  Check out our range of rugs here.
  • ESK134021577_countryfrog_Anthra_800x800Invest in a good pair of yard gloves to help save cracked skin and chilblains as well as keeping you warm.  Put a pair of latex gloves over the top to stop soaking and the need to dry.  For a look at our extensive range of gloves, click here.
  • If your horse is out in field and it’s dark when you get to the yard, leave a fluorescent head collar on him.  Have a torch or head lamp handy and it will make it easier for you to locate him.  We stock reflective head collars on our website.   reflective-head-collar
  • Use a dry shampoo to make your horse look cleaner with less effort.  These often need little or no water for use.
  • Use a coat shine product to help repel mud from legs and feather and turnout boots are a good idea also.
  • Loosely plait manes and tails to save spending time combing matted hair.                                                               country-frogCheckout these grooming products that may help to save you time.
  • Unscrew your hosepipe from the tap and wrap loosely, ensuring that all water is out.  Store under bedding in a spare stable or cover with rugs in tack room to stop it from freezing.
  • Use an empty dustbin to aid quick filling of hay nets.  Place the net in the bin as you would a bin bag.  Fill as many as you can at the weekend or when you have more time to save time in the week.
  • Use tack wipes to do a quick once over wipe after use.  Damp tack soon goes mouldy and by doing this you can keep your eye on it until you have time to do a thorough clean.

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