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The Climatemasta Rug is available as a Turnout or Stable Rug and is a great option for horse owners to help contend with our ‘ever-changing’ British weather.  Each Climatemasta Rug can be used on its own or made warmer by adding different weight rug liners. The Climatemasta’s integrated system makes it easy to keep your horse comfortable, with a choice of 3 weights of fixed neck liners (100g, 200g and 300g).  You can use the rug as one complete piece, making rugging quicker and easier, masta-linerwithout the need for many rugs.  The red indicator line makes it simple to secure the fix of the liner in the rug and the super soft webbing, anti-rub polyester and waterproof drip strip ensures that your horse is comfortable. climatemasta

The Climatemasta Turnout Rug is a fixed neck turnout and made of 1200 denier rip stop waterproof & breathable outer fabric, with 100g fill.  By adding extra liner weights the rug can become a 200-400g weight rug.

The Climatemasta Stable Rug is a fixed neck rug and made from 210 denier fabric, with 100g fill.  By adding extra liner weights the rug can become a 200-400g rug.

Both the Turnout and Stable Rugs come in Pony sizes (4’6” – 5’6”) and Horse Sizes (5’9” – 7’6”).         masta-fastener-velcro

Benefits of the Climatemasta Rug System

  • One click fastening
  • Reflective branding for low light location
  • Ergonomic fit around the horses neck to reduce heat loss
  • Stretch panel at the base of the neck to ensure no restriction
  • Shoulder gusset for enhanced fit, freedom of movement and prevents shoulder rub
  • Anti-rub lining which promotes clean & shiny coat
  • Unique easy fastening system ensures liner is fully secured to outer rug quickly
  • Tail loop and leg straps for added security
  • Liners are sold separately in fixed neck 100g, 200g and 300g weights
  • Liners are fully machine washable promoting health and wellbeing of your horse
  • Quality you can trust from one of the Country’s leading rug manufacturer Masta

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masta-front-fasten                           masta-leg-straps                           masta-tail-loop

One click easy fastener                                        Secure leg straps                                 Tail loop for added security