Episode 3 – Becky Washington from DeNiro Boots talks us through the brand


Country Frog:
So,  Becky Washington from DeNiro Boots UK, welcome to Frog Pod. Recently, you came along to Country Frog and we asked you could we stock DeNiro’s. That was back in November, we’re now in March and all as I’ve got to say is what a fabulous brand it’s been for us. Can’t underestimate the value to Country Frog of having that brand with us.
So Becky, tell us a bit about DeNiro in the UK.

SoDeNiro was established in 1981 by Filippo and he used to work for fashion designers but had a passion for horses. So did his friends, and then he went on to making riding boots and that’s where De Niro came from.
They offer a variety of sizes and styles to suit everybody’s needs, all handmade in Italy.

Country Frog:
I like the fact you can actually customize them so if comes somebody comes in and they like pink sparkly with bright pink laces or
sewing thread, we can actually customize to what the customer wants. It’s no trouble whatsoever.

Oh, it’s ideal. People go crazy about a lot of really Blinky boots plain, traditional boots, but they can do whatever they choose.

Country Frog:

I think the one with the printed flowers on was just a bit too much me, a step too far.


Floral, definitely.

Country Frog:

But for me, I bought a pair of DeNiro boots, or had them bought for my birthday.  I bought them elsewhere because we didn’t even have Country Frog then.  And they never fitted.  So to me, the critical thing has been you to train my girls to do fittings. And I’ve got say ‘touch wood’, so far really, really good.  Lots of happy customers going on there. But it is down to the fitting. It’s nothing to do with the quality of the brand, it’s down to the quality of the customer service that you get.

It definitely is service and experience. I think your girls do it really well. When people are in the shop, they sit down with them properly and go through all the different options and make sure they’re measured correctly.

Country Frog:
Don’t say that too much to them, they might want a pay rise! ha ha

Country Frog:
Well, you aren’t new to the equestrian industry yourself are you? So why don’t you tell us a bit about your journey, as a career and when did you get into horses?

So had my first pony when I was seven, and then progressed as a groom when I was 13/14. And then to a full time groom after school. Following that, I went working in an equestrian shop and from there into sales and being out on the road.  So for the last 12 years, I’ve been doing a sales role covering the whole of the UK with various different equestrian brands.

Country Frog:

But where does the parrot come in?


The parrot is just a crazy little sidekick, like the dog

Country Frog:
I’ve got to tell our listeners that Becky does bring her little dog Purdy, who terrorizes my dog Alfred, by swinging on his ears. He’s not overly impressed.

So you the company behind DeNiro boots in the UK, what was it, about two or three years ago that they took it on?


Yes, they took over distribution in 2016. And then I started with the company in 2017. So this month will actually be my two year anniversary, lucky for them, I deserve a present, haha.

Country Frog:
A new pair of boots?


Yeah haha

Country Frog:

I’m sure the company that I’m now dealing with, the amount of volume that they’re putting into the UK must have grown hasn’t it?

Yeah, so ‘year on year’, Clarke & Pullman year on year, s, okay, with distribution the brand’s been growing. And, and that’s true, like you were saying before, like training staff and ensuring that the service that the shops offer is correct. And so yeah, it’s growing as a brand and everybody’s recognizing it, which is and

Unknown Speaker 4:12
I think you’ve actually got virtually a book for every discipline. I mean, we were talking about boots for the Polo market went with of the day and

Unknown Speaker 4:19
yeah, definitely there’s the Polo content

Unknown Speaker 4:21
that beautiful showing that we’ve put the guard strap that we’ve had

Unknown Speaker 4:25
yet that’s gorgeous with the straight courts up. And we also do trainers, short boots, and all again, which you can customize on the belt and develops to match and spare straps as well. Brilliant. So just need a little column leads right now from a puppy

Unknown Speaker 4:41
going back to the janeiro boots. What’s the wackiest boot even asked for?

Unknown Speaker 4:47

Unknown Speaker 4:48
there’s been a few some I think those materials do not go together at all but people that’s what they want. And you’ve got their really Blinky ones where people will spend like a couple of thousand pounds well them look as Blinky as possible. We’ve had a nice bright pink boot a bit Katie prices and with pink pink diamonds across the toe and the sides and things like that. And and then prior to us taking over I know janeiro have also done a couple of boots in white for weddings when brides have wanted to ride in on horseback. Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 5:21
De Niro wedding boots. Lovely. So one of my I mean you might have known that I don’t do personally many boot fittings I’ve stayed away from that and that’s because I’ve got a problem with people’s feet.

Unknown Speaker 5:34
Having once done a fitting for some short bursts of another brand with a woman took a boots off. And I don’t think she turned the socks off two years because they absolutely walked on their own. And all the girls disappeared on me at this trade show. And I couldn’t love I just had to keep focused but the stench was discussed. And if she hadn’t bought the boots, then I would have thrown them away. It was awful. So hence I’m quite happy to help people choose the look but I’m not going anywhere near anything and in the near future. I’ll stick to the helmets that’s what I do like that What I enjoy most

Unknown Speaker 6:11
luckily for me I’ve got a real bad sense of smell so

Unknown Speaker 6:17
contagious really good for the job. But I do not like the look of it which I realized after I accepted the job

Unknown Speaker 6:22
that I’m not a foot person that’s not good

Unknown Speaker 6:24
and I’ve got over

Unknown Speaker 6:26
so I take it you’ve got a pair of boots to ride in yourself I have

Unknown Speaker 6:31
I’ve got several and so unfortunately I don’t ride as much as I’d like to nowadays because I’m normally traveling all over the country with the spot when I do I’ve got my long riding boots which are blue and then they’ve got like a snakeskin style top and then have plenty of the short boots plenty plenty wardrobe for

Unknown Speaker 6:51
I suppose on the short boots I don’t tend to use a variety and I tend them to light on a daily use wherever I am because it’s so comfy and user other De Niro ones waterproof and I

Unknown Speaker 7:00
DeGeneres Show Yeah, yeah. Oh they just style and obviously if you’ve got a zit in places then they won’t be waterproof but in the latter is the rap leather which has got a waterproof system running throughout the the grain of the leather

Unknown Speaker 7:15

Unknown Speaker 7:16
And I suppose we need to tell our listeners that janeiro are known for being

Unknown Speaker 7:21
like a special treat, but they are actually we’ve got the range is fully affordable for an everyday Buddhist nun. So 17 are currently is about 285

Unknown Speaker 7:30
basic is it you know is 285 we do a plain black basic boot which is also available in blue and brown they started 225 and it’s definitely one thing I noticed when I started the brand f1 had this perception that he were going to be looking at spending a minimum of 600 pound and but now we have this the starting range the triple A range and, and their ideal you can customize them to a degree and so there’s three different color options and you can have smooth or grainy leather and then you can add different types of Valentino’s.

Unknown Speaker 8:01
I suppose how longer than the last depends how you look after

Unknown Speaker 8:05
them definitely is how long is a piece of string really and so it depends on how many horses you ride in a day and how how well you look after your boots definitely and making sure that you clean and regulate so brush off any day in Greece and get them right down with the class and then use nourishing cream

Unknown Speaker 8:24
yes good stuff that it’s not like one small small little bit on a cloth and like the like brand new that’s

Unknown Speaker 8:29
it definitely makes a big difference and let him boots dry naturally as well people have got this thing where they always tried to put leather boots by a radiator or fire lateral actually drive the ladder too quickly and that’s when you can end up with cracks so your best to just drag them into a room temperature and don’t put them too close to a heat source as well as with all other products not not just boots and

Unknown Speaker 8:51
so just a generic branching out a little bit away from just boots will we see a handbag range or urbanized enjoy that yeah and the more fashion country lockers away from the ride in particular to me it would make sense

Unknown Speaker 9:05
yeah definitely the fashion look we’ve just launched a range of them short contributes and they’re a bit more like a chelsea boots dealer boot and available in leather and suede and the latest ones have got a small heel on them and and then hopefully that range will grow from there as well and handbags are definitely

Unknown Speaker 9:21
sounds really good that doesn’t a we need them. Yeah. And you mentioned the ladies version. What’s the perception or what’s the quantity of boots we sing ratio that men by two women

Unknown Speaker 9:33
definitely I think because ladies are more addicted to shoes and boots so we definitely sell a lot more of the ladies their boots and shoes but the men’s we do have a good range of them and but they tend to stick to the more basic styles as well so you’re playing in traditional styles and the night is adventurous when it comes to design and boots as we are interesting about

Unknown Speaker 9:53
the Chelsea type boots that’d be really nice as a leisure product Wouldn’t it as well and we can get matching Chapter The short ride in Boots can we

Unknown Speaker 10:01
yet there’s a matching half chaps and various different designs and sales again and can you customize those and optimize them into the different mothers economic different top shapes onto the light you can the boots as well a meta measure yeah made to measure

Unknown Speaker 10:14
do that’s how for people who are very tall very short skinny or very large cars yeah usually the problem to help people get the right product at night

Unknown Speaker 10:23
yeah, so we do and eight different class sizes and five different heights and standard in both the chaps and long boots. And but then you’ve also got the made to measure option as well and which one you do for me to measure and it doesn’t matter if your likes a slightly different or if you’ve got an injury we can produce a boot that will work

Unknown Speaker 10:42
excellent and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the lead time These boots have been dealt with previously with several manufacturers of riding boots. When you get a promise of four weeks let’s double it and put two weeks on whereas with De Niro I’ve been quoting like six weeks and they become an info and I know that’s probably down to volume going through but we’re talking about three or four months now and they’ve not let me down yet too much word but I’m really quite impressed and having met Filippo and the quiet engaging with their resellers which, for me, my customer service is only as good as my supplier. So if they don’t get in touch with me, I can’t get in touch with my customer. Yeah, and that for me is absolutely critical that we keep people if we’re going to let somebody down it’s always better to let them know rather than let them tell me I’ve let them down

Unknown Speaker 11:29
definitely no they are really good and we normally quote around six weeks and some of the stock we hold in the UK as well so then you can get that next day delivery and but then the the main toward it was always six weeks and then normally always on time with that and they also offer a really good follow up service so if you need any repairs doing on your boots, or alterations and or even just to recondition, you can send them back to the factory and and there’s that after service as well um, does that typically take it depends normally between three to four weeks depending on what what you haven’t done to the boots and if it’s something simple like recondition it would probably be about three weeks and just due to the lead time of getting the product back into to actually more than the actual job itself. And but it would just depend on on what it was.

Unknown Speaker 12:17
That’s brilliant. Well, thank you ever so much for doing this for us. I know you were a little bit reticent in going on on the microphone, but all I can say is what a great experience for country frog it is to be a stockist of De Niro’s and I’m looking forward to the humpbacks

Unknown Speaker 12:32
Yeah, definitely. I’m enjoying working with you guys. And then uh, yeah, we’ve got all these shows to commercial.

Unknown Speaker 12:37
Excellent. Thank you. Thank you.

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