Episode 4 – Sarah & Victoria Lundy – the Showjumper life

Country Frog:

Hi Welcome to Country frogs latest frog pod. Today we’ve got Sarah Lundy Showjumper with us who is local to us in Lancashire and she runs a very busy equestrian centre and is an International showjumper. So welcome today Sarah, how are you?

Sarah Lundy Showjumper:

I’m good. Thank you. Thanks for having us.

Country Frog:
You’re very welcome. And we’ve also got her Sister Victoria, who is long suffering and does all the the hard work that the equestrian centre and make sure that Sarah keeps on the straight and narrow.

Sarah, tell us how you got going. And how did you start off in horses?

Sarah Lundy Showjumper:

Well, it’s granddad Ken’s farm and it was cows at first, it was a castle farm, and it changed from cows to equestrian in 1989. I was born 1990 so I got my first pony when I was two, three, she was a 10 hands grey pony, from the auction. Real scruffy thing and I wasn’t allowed a saddle until we could ride properly.

Okay, so yeah, that’s all we got going and they’re gonna just blame that   for the whole monster that we still got it. Yeah. Is it now? 29 Oh, Blimey, a babysitter falls in the field. But yeah, he blames that pony for the monster we created a craft up. Wow. That’s where we started. And then we obviously don’t pull in the club and moved up the ranks with different partners and different artists, to where we are now. And what what you jumping now? and 140s and 50s that’s just our top horse Vegas and also have a speed or two jumps to small classes.
So yeah, brilliant II, II.
II actually could do go abroad and compete.
Yeah, we try and find good international shows, is a little bit difficult jumping in Britain, and can be expensive. But we do like our international shows and we’ve travelled to Portugal. Belgium, France and Spain and Portugal is our favourite and Vilmorin set.
It always rains. That is our favourite show. And but yeah, the prize winner is brilliant abroad the hospitality is amazing. And we do find it is a bit difficult in Britain book by Hickstead is our favourite which is
an idea that this year
yes we’re doing that this year. Hopefully we can get into the international classes
and the DOM and
so when you compete in abroad you get this is there a lot of paperwork you have to fill in
there is and getting ready for the ferry and over want to get there.
We have the travel agents though for the side here just like we have travel agents. They help you within your stables where you stopping over on the way out
makes life easier.
Wow. And so we We got you horses on the ferry obviously. Do you get to go backwards and forwards to them or if you buy him a cup of
tea you really nice
but ya know the Dover fairies it’s about an hour and a half and oh, that’s not too bad. No. And the driving over there is easy. Yeah, easy. You can’t beat driving off into the sunshine and going to show how long before you compete with you typically get there a couple days. If you’re going really long distance like to build more of the bottom Portugal we usually get there week before just to climate eyes and so good excuse isn’t it also depends if you’ve got youngest is are you older? endorsees I used to compete in travelling
and what she says your favourite UK show is it
Yeah, yeah. I’m Morris. New Year show.
Yeah, that’s because
we just showed you Yeah, but we’ve got Windsor next month. That’s a beautiful show. And we’ve got into that. That’ll be exciting to
highlight Wednesday. It’s one of my favourites definitely. Yeah. Fantastic. So obviously Country Frog looks after you with products and you do a lot of testing for us, which is your favourite brand?
Definitely mckusker our heartbeat it
so go on and tell us why. Because it persuade us to try one on him.
Yeah, I’m quite traditionally more aware and wearing Blinky stuff but the stuff that’s coming out now is so tastefully made and I used to wear a really old hat for jumping. And I was really stuck in my ways to steal it made me changed cask because really want my hair out.
mentioned the fact that you forgot to take it with you knew you posted a lot of photographs in a dodgy hat. Cause what did you do?
At home but the old ones looking but not as nice as this cup cup. caskets proven to be good roles golden to
get you in a star lady.
When you go show jumping abroad,
keep the thumb down
be interesting to enough my competitors perspective if it is worth having that wipey or is it a fashion thing? Yeah, because apparently was there we’ve got some new sunglasses on the way where you can change your lenses dependent on the light conditions. So even in the UK, if you’re getting shadows, you’re it because we do even even if you doing dress out and minus showjumping, you’re competing outdoors. Sometimes the light can cause you problems content. Yeah,
it’s immensely bright. Especially the shift is abroad. And more more mainly web searches in Britain. But some glasses. I’d where
you show the movie flies in your eyes yet flies,
my eyes. I don’t even have big eyes
fly Moscow.
Yeah be interesting when they come out of our parents and let us know what you think of them because I think I can get I get it now I’ve seen them in prototype I get why you abroad especially you would wear them and obviously got the all the best lenses the shatterproof and all that plus also the ones that we’re getting in a been made so that when you got a cast camera on, they are totally comfortable, you’re not getting a problem with the back of the arm of the sunglasses, so it’s not sticking in your hair so they made to fit which I’m quite looking forward to. So I’ve got some quite a few new products out that I want you to be testing going forward. So I’m we’re going to be gainfully employed in Victoria this this year at Windsor, she’s going to come and help the frog team or Sarah flies around and you know, just enjoy yourself with the ponies. So, let’s go to craft up a question. That’s your day job as men So what’s a typical day Coffee
24 hours in Victoria never stops it is so busy the delivery yard and the deliveries on the minute real good bunch of people and so I try my best to run the yard Victoria is more the secretary side when in the events that we can which are getting busier. And then after the after
August corroborated
and northwest champs in October which is getting bigger and bigger. The facilities are getting bigger and bigger. And it’s Martin said Yeah.
So what are you still got because obviously it was it was a dairy farm to start with was met. So talk us through how it grew and grew. We built extra blocks the
is a field in the barn, which are these cows in which now these stables the milking parlour is now the house and number under the block another block these two shows on the feed Filled with very small outdoor arena with a bankin which I don’t really remember it’s more you in Yeah, we’re pitches upon us and then we built an indoor and another into outdoor and indoor outdoor. Another because you got busier and busier.
lovesick got quite the walker washroom. Little things like that to enjoy.
Yeah. It also creates that Northwest champs is it later in the year? That’s
12 years or 15 years. Yeah. That’s just got busier and busier every year.
Brilliant. So what what’s the best thing about running craft top
of the family room?
Yeah, you make your own decisions. remember you saying to me you have a meeting every morning that’s across the breakfast table. Yeah.
This morning. Yeah. Every morning is something which we talked about the 20th anniversary bowl next year, which we want to do. Every Monday morning we’ll sit down never,
ever, never two days. Don’t moment, sir. It’s quite excited
and go on then what’s the worst thing?
I don’t think there is a way.
For me, I finish at five o’clock.
There’s no stuff
in. Do you think? I mean, obviously, we’re in a world of social media. And we’ve taught you between us about different platforms. Do you think that is important to running an equestrian centre? Is it genetic? Is that the way best way to keep in touch with people? And
I think it’s going that way.
Yeah, definitely. Because I previously when I tell people about your events before Instagram and Facebook mom used to most today in the farmers Guardian in the papers, which is expensive now. Yeah, and then we don’t do that anymore. She’s social media. So free. Yeah. And everyone’s got an iPhone, every kids on Facebook now. Yeah, we attract more like younger generation. Technology
mean younger generation
me know grandma and granddad wouldn’t know anything about it they don’t understand the Facebook and I’m
sure we get grandma and iPhone and sorted.
Top job the video.
Fantastic. So let’s go back to the horses. So you’ve got Vegas,
yes favourite pony?
And I can’t really I don’t really have a favourite but the most fun would be my old horse Georgia and we just get to fly around in these man arenas 100 mile an hour, whereas Vegas a little bit more serious jumping the big tracks. So no, there’s no favourite but he’s the most
brilliant and who do you use for breeding? Just Vega suspect he’s only stallion and
brood mares without a filly this time last year. And she’ll be she’s a yearly now.
Yeah. Thank you
bitterly about 15 pounds already. And she’s a Vegas is breedings baylin casino and so hopefully it’s going to pass on a little bit of power right so you just need to need to jump
and g is it frozen or
yet with some frozen saved a couple of people use them this year so hopefully we’ll have some beautiful falls next year and we do fresh and chilled as well. And
yeah just depends what the client can tell know absolutely nothing about
fantastic it’s just nice to have our own young stock homebred and just a few team really just keeps us back top source is so expensive to buy and it’s hard to find the right one
means when when you put you on as well. Yeah, yes when you get success out there it’s not been ready made not both abroad myself.
Yeah. You have to work hard. It’s not for the faint hearted is breathing. There’s bad days and good days and yeah,
well it all sounds really quite exciting for the future and I wish you well with you youngster you’ve got coming through. Thank you. Thank you both very much for coming along and look forward to seeing you very soon and hear me again.