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KEP Riding Helmets | Country Frog

The KEP Riding helmets are available to equestrians in 4 main styles, with lots of variations available on each style. You can choose from all Matt, Half Matt/Half Polish, all Polish or Design-your-Own. Chrome, crystals, leather, fancy panels etc etc – the choice is yours!

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The outer shell provides ultimate protection whilst the interchangeable liner inside ensures a perfect fit. This liner gives great comfort to the wearer and is machine washable, making it extremely hygienic.  This two part design ensures that the rider has a precise and lasting fit with safety and durability at the forefront. This also means that the liner can be replaced and changed at any time without the need to buy a new outer shell but can provide a smaller or larger fit, using different liners.

These hats are the ultimate in safety whilst being light and comfortable and providing ventilation for the wearer, with a front grille as well as layered sections.  KEP’s Air Control System ensures hot air is released through the rear channels and  cool air is taken in from under the peak, grill and front channels.

The lightweight construction of the hat means that it weighs approximately only 400g and they hold four types of safety certificate.  There are 2 shell sizes, being Medium and Large.  The linings for the medium shell run from 51-58 and the linings for the large shell are 59-62.  Made from high-tech materials, these Coolmax one piece removable linings are washable at 30 degrees.

kep-helmet-ridingThe external shells are polycarbonate whilst the internal protection is double density polystyrene, for high protection shock absorption.  The peak is flexible, which helps to prevent facial fractures in the event of a fall and the chinstrap has a 5-point attachment for excellent positioning. The chin strap is anti-allergic and made from washable, smooth leather.  It is easily adjustable and has a quick self-blocking fastener.

These helmets are the ultimate in safety, look fantastic (allowing you to personalise), are light and super comfortable and keep the head cool with their patented ‘air control system’.

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