New Riding Hat Regulations

New Riding Hat Regulations

The (BS)EN1384 hat specification has been withdrawn from the Official Journal of the European Union, therefore hat manufacturers will not be able to use this standard to CE mark their hats.  Instead, hat manufacturers need to use a new standard to test their current 1384 models against, when producing new batches of the same hats from now on.   However, the new riding hat regulations are not standard but are dependant on the discipline in which you want to compete.

Kep-helmet New legislation came into force in 2015 and from 1 January 2016, when purchasing a new hat, ensure that it has the PAS015:2011, the new VG1 01.040 2014-12 specification, ASTM F1163:04a, Snell or the revised EN1384, once it has been published, which could be late 2016.  “Each standard tests for a different set of accident situations and helmets that meet multiple standards provide the most comprehensive protection and cover a wider range of potential accident situations”, according to Charles Owen Hats.  Where hats are dual badged (ie. (BS) EN1384 with another standard such as Snell or PAS 015) then the  hat will continue to be legal in competition.

BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association), say that a review process was underway to deem whether or not the (BS)EN1384 specification should be changed. Progress was not made to reach an agreement so instead the specification was withdrawn completely. They advise that ‘there is no need for riders who wear a (BS) EN 1384 hat, but who do not compete or ride at an approved BHS riding centre , to change their hats’.  As long as they fit correctly and have not suffered any impact or damage, the (BS) EN 1384 hat will continue to be as protective as they have been for the best part of 20 years, since the standard first appeared’.new riding hat regulations

In a nutshell :-

Leisure Riders

If you do not compete or ride at an approved BHS riding centre, you can continue to wear and buy the (BS)EN1384 specification hat for as long as your local stockist has them. It is still safe according to BETA and Champion Hats.

Competition Riders

If you are buying a new hat, buy one to PAS 015 standard as these hats are unaffected by this rule change and you can wear this in competition going forwards into 2016.  The VG1 01.040 2014-12 specification, ASTM F1163:04a and Snell are covered under the new rules, however please check the rules of the governing body with whom you compete under.

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