Flex On Green Composite Flat Stirrups


Great stirrups for anybody that suffers from knee problems as the Flex-On serve as a shock absorber as well as giving an ideal leg position, dramatically adding stability and confidence



Flex On Green Composite Flat Stirrups.

Flex On Green Composite Flat Stirrups. Great stirrups for anybody that suffers from knee or hip problems as the flex-on serve as a shock absorber.

Furthermore they are covered by an extremely robust composite polyamide which has been environmentally sourced.

The stirrups are light but solid. Easily cleaned.


7.5 CM deep (measured at the widest part of the foot bed)

11.5 CM wide (measured from the inside of the stirrups)

Another feature is that all Flex-on stirrups use elastomers.

However this material absorbs and reduces the shock-waves generated by all the movements. Especially of the horse that riders must soak up in order to be as smooth and discrete as possible on the back of the horse.

The Flex-on elastomer technology reduces the pressure on the riders joints and helps top prevent joint injuries.

The Green Composite stirrup is designed to be competitively priced.

And lastly all stirrups are Ultra-grip (ridged with metal spikes) for extra grip.

Unsure if flex on are the stirrups for you? why not try our trial service available in the linked products below (only available in inclined)

Flat Footrest:

  • Popular with dressage riders. Also ideal for riders with very flexible ankles for whom an inclined footbed could push the legs forward and risk unbalancing the rider.

For inclined footbed please see linked products below!

Flex-on stirrups are perfect for anybody that suffers from knee problems this is because they serve as a shock absorber.

The foot bed has a great grip and the stirrup is ultra lightweight too.

They are set on an angle to give an ideal leg position consequently adding stability and confidence whilst reducing stress and strain on the hip, knee and ankle joints.

Please note we do not stock all colour variations however it doesn’t take too long to order your preferred combination 

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Black, Brown, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Navy, Orange, Red

Shock Absorber

Black, Grey, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Pink, Red, Light Blue, Brown, Plum, Burgundy, Dark Green

Choice of Footrest

Flat Ultra Grip

Footbed Colour

Grey, Black