LeMieux Shoc Air X Country Tendon Boots

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LeMieux Shoc Air X Country Tendon Boots

LeMieux Shoc Air X Country Tendon Boots. Representing the cutting edge of cross-country protection & design.

These specialist performance boots have been designed to withstand the rigours of cross-country.

Vented EVA mould technology gives strength and air flow to the outer shell.

Optimum strike protection is provided by a new impact-responsive layer between the tendon and the outer boot.

This Shoc smart layer is composed of impact responsive material containing free-form molecules that remain supple & flexible when not under pressure.

However, at the point of impact the molecules articulate and lock together forming a hard protective shock absorbing barrier.

They only return to a flexible state when pressure is released.

The forward-facing outer air vents and inner lining of 3D mesh optimises breathability.

Complimented by a soft stretch cotton inner lining to ensure comfort and prevent rubbing.


One pair. Available in Black front and hind, sizes M – L.


As with all LeMieux products, you are certainly purchasing an item of quality..

The attention to detail draws your attention to its fabulous quality.

Above all, we constantly strive to provide quality products for all aspects of country pursuits.

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