Schockemohle Malibu Anatomical Bridle


Luxurious bridle Collection Anatomically shaped made of high quality leather, thick and softly padded.

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Schockemohle Malibu Anatomical Bridle

Schockemohle Malibu Anatomical Bridle. A new, luxurious bridle which is anatomically-shaped and made of high quality leather, thick and softly padded.

Specially developed headpiece minimizes the pressure on the neck and neck muscles and allows more freedom for the ear movements

Its’ curved browband features a big crystal chain.

Includes rolled cheek pieces.

  • Tapered zones at cheekbones and bit rings to avoid pinching effect
  • The anatomic nose band provides extra comfort due to its shape.
  • Anatomically shaped and softly padded
  • Elegant Rolled Bridle With Anatomical shape for ultimate comfort for your horse

The throat lash is adjustable on both sides.

Please note the flash is not rolled leather.

This bridle does not come with reins please see linked products below to order your reins.


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