Schockemohle Rio Select Anatomical Bridle

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Schockemohle Rio Select Anatomical Bridle

Schockemohle Rio Select Anatomical Bridle. Exclusive design with highest quality workmanship from the “Select & Mix” line.

The Rio Select meets the highest expectations of an anatomical bridle.

The Mexican figure-8 noseband features an exceptionally softly padded centre part.

Its shape is designed to fit the horse’s nose perfectly – making extra fur padding unnecessary.

The straps of the noseband and the connecting rings are padded to avoid rubbing and pressure marks.

The anatomical shape of the narrow head piece has a unique neck area specially designed for the horse.

The distinctive cut and the soft padding help to significantly reduce the pressure in the neck.


Throat lash adjustable on both sides.

Includes a curved browband with clinchers.

A narrow pad covers the buckles at the back of the bridle.

Includes cheek pieces with hook and stud.

All parts are also available separately in the “Select & Mix” line.

Made using super-soft, eco-friendly leather.


Available in Cob and Full sizes.

Please note this bridle does not come with reins. 


As with all Schockemohle products, you are certainly purchasing an item of quality.

For decades, the name Schockemohle has been inseparably linked to outstanding performance in equestrian sports.

Therefore, we started with the vision to set new standards in equestrian sports by developing well-engineered, high-quality products.

Above all, based on a clear strategy and a strong team, these guidelines will  consequently lead us to fill our vision with life.

The attention to detail draws your attention to its fabulous quality.

Above all, we constantly strive to provide quality products for all aspects of country pursuits.

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