Schooling Whip – the benefits of lightweight & balance

A beautifully balanced schooling whip can be extremely useful when used in the education of your horse. When your whip is balanced, lightweight and has flexibility, you can ride more naturally and effortlessly. This allows the focus to be towards your horse, encouraging him to be forward and straight.

schooling-whip Your schooling whip is beneficial when you need to back up a leg aid rather than keep on with a nagging leg, especially if the horse isn’t as reactive as it should be.  The correctly used whip allows a sharper response to an aid, without the need to alter your position.

Effective Use of the Schooling Whip is Beneficial

Effective use can give accurate reinforcement, giving improvements to technique as well as confidence and trust to your horse.  When a rider has effective communication, the rewards will be harmony and relaxation. Only then can you produce the greatly desired impulsion and cadence to proceed to a higher level of training.

It is important that you are able to ride with your schooling whip in either hand. A hind leg may need more activation or you may be working close to the arena side, in which case you need to be comfortable using the whip in either hand, so that the aids can be administered quickly, effectively and accurately.

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schooling-whip-Döbert Carbon Hollow Fiberglass Dressage Whip

Döbert Carbon Hollow Fiberglass Dressage Whip

The Dobert Carbon Balanced Schooling Whip has superb flexibility and perfect balance as it is made from a high tech ultralight carbon and is weighted perfectly.  They are available in lengths of 100,110 and 120cm, are slim and have a leather comfort grip too, as well as being great value for money. These whips are valued by professionals and amateurs all over the world.

This beautiful quality and precision workmanship gives perfect balance, provides effortless handling and allows a more relaxed ride, making for a pleasurable schooling session for you and your horse.

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