Taking your pet on holiday with you?

Thinking of taking your pet on holiday with you? Our pets are a big part of our daily lives so why not take them with you on your next ‘family’ holiday?  There are lots of ‘pet friendly’ places to stay and we have found some that may be of interest.

Pack your pet their own bag ensuring that you have plenty of food and water, as shopping may not be possible when you arrive.  Pack a collar and lead, bowls, towels, his own bedding, toys  etc to help adjust to a new situation.  Feed your pet a couple of hours before you set off and take lots of water, his blanket and a light meal for the journey, to avoid any unnecessary stress.  Take a look at our pet gifts that may be of help for your holiday. log-lead-collarDOG11_WPDogCoat_countryfrog_RED_800x800

Take a look at some of the suggested ‘pet friendly’ accommodation for your holiday, below, but ensure that you fully check their terms before booking.  Make sure  that your pet is fairly fit before booking your holiday especially if you are planning to do more walking or activities with him, and avoid ‘over doing’ it.  It may be an idea to have a note of vet numbers in the area you are visiting, as a precaution.

Taking a new puppy or taking your pet on holiday with you can be a great way to bond and socialise

Taking a new puppy on holiday can be great way to socialise and spend quality time with him but remember that long car journeys and 5 mile hikes are not advisable. Make sure you have suitable clothing and a charged mobile phone when out walking and be sure you have the right to roam before crossing land.  On most areas of open country and common land you should keep your dog on a fixed lead no longer than 6ft long between March 1 and July 31 (the season for all ground nesting birds) and at all times of the year near livestock. When they have young they are extremely protective, which puts you and your pets in danger, so be vigilant.  Take notice of warning signs and be careful when crossing fast flowing water.

DOG13_deluxedogcoat_countryfrog_navy_800x800 Before letting him off the lead, ensure that you know what excites your dog, as being in a strange place or unfamiliar surroundings can lead to problems, if he becomes over excited or scared.  Other people and their animals may not share your enthusiasm for your pet, so at all times be vigilant and responsible.  dog-bed-union-jack

We have included a selection of sites that we have found that may be of interest when taking your pet on holiday with you, but please do your homework before booking.

If its a rural retreat that you are wanting, click here, this may be helpful and this looks like a good site if you are wanting to stay in a log cabin or lodge

dog-beachApparently, these are the top 10 pet-friendly hotels in Britain and for a beach holiday, this may be of interest.

Where ever you go and whatever you do with your pet, we hope you have fun and stay safe.