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These everyday super-smart Tech Stirrups ATHENA are made from lightweight aluminium and are fitted with stainless blocked screws.  The streamline machine finish on these Tech stirrups ensures that there are no obtrusive screws or edges which gives a great streamlined look. The treads and the rings are treated with a 20 micron anodisation for preservation of their decorative look. They weigh 300gr and tread size is 125 mm long x 65 mm wide (4 – 3/4”) with a 4° angle inclination of the tread.

These stirrups are super balanced so that if the rider loses a stirrup, they tend to stay against the side of the horse.  Also, because Tech stirrups have a super finish, with the back side of the tread being rounded and the edges being smooth, damage is avoided to your horse and tack.  tech-stirrups

Available colours are Blue, Black, Gold, Silver, Red and Green.

In stock now and available on our website here.

The stunning APHRODITE are Tech’s Dressage stirrup.  The technology is in the tread with these, where the weight is concentrated.  This ensures greater stability and the perfect grip tech-stirrups-Aphroditedoesn’t bother the foot during its use.  Tech Stirrups’ APHRODITE has the grip that allows the rider to communicate with the horse in an extraordinary way, as it has teeth with angles computer-designed that allow the foot freedom of movement.  The weight is 450gr. and tread size is 120mm long x 50mm wide (4-3/4”).  They come in Silver and Black.  Take a look at the APHRODITE here.

The gorgeous VENICE stirrups, ideal for jumping, have a foot release system whereby a portion opens only if a certain weight load is exceeded.  There is a revolutionary magnetic mechanism positioned on the tread and joined to the ring that does not allow it to move during normal work.  These too are balanced, stress tested and finished to the highest standard, the same as the ATHENA above.

Available colours are Black,  Black/Blue, Black/Gold,  Black/Green,  Black/Red,  Black/Silver,  Silver,  Silver/Black,  Silver/Blue,  Silver/Gold,  Silver/Green,  Silver/Red.

These Tech Stirrups too are in stock now on our websitetech-venice

The tread on both of these styles of stirrups are designed to avoid build up of dirt and are efficient even when wet. Stand out from the crowd with a beautiful quality, classic stirrup that looks super smart.

Tech stirrups are made in Italy and are produced with certificated materials and packed into recyclable carton boxes.

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