The Schockemohle Sports Equitus Bridle

Equitus Bridle from Schockemohle Sports

This Equitus Bridle is new from Schockemohle Sports, and is a great concept for a horse with a sensitive head. It is anatomically shaped so that the bridle bypasses the very sensitive main facial nerve, meaning that no pressure is exerted to this area and therefore problems such as head shaking and muscle spasms can be prevented.

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Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle

Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle

Again, the noseband on the bridle is attached in a way that facial arteries and veins aren’t exposed to any pressure, allowing good blood circulation in the horse’s head.  The flash strap also allows unrestricted breathing as it is positioned on the side of the noseband and in a way that does not constrict the nasal cavity.

The cheek pieces on the Schockemohle Sports Equitus Bridle are directly attached to the caveson in a fixed position so that they cannot move on the horses head and lay on the facial nerve.  The cheek pieces are also easily fastened  with button rivets, in different positions making any adjustments to the bridle quick and easy.

The brow band on the bridle is wider and more curved than regular brow bands. Again, this is done so that there is no pressure on the glands in the area of the eyes, ears or the sensitive optical nerves.

The structure of the headpiece on the bridle was developed on different horses to ensure that the ear movement was in no way restricted. It is softly padded and adjusts to the individual neck anatomy of the horse.  The main enforced leather part does not lay on the neck muscles neither, again assuring total freedom of movement. equitus

This anatomical structure of the Schockemohle Sports Equitus Bridle combined with the soft padding ensures that pressure is more evenly spread throughout the neck are.

These really are beautiful bridles.

We stock a full range of Schockemohle bridles including 2 other anatomical bridles, the Stanford and Malibu (rolled leather). All of the Schockemohle bridle range are quality products and are beautifully designed with you and your horse in mind.

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